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      PK 16.5 Between CAJAF and CARITAS DJEFFA Rép.BENIN
      phones :
      +229 20 240 343
      +229 94 940 078
      +229 20 240 142

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    Please, check below the admission requirements.

    • PST
      • Admission for 1st year

    May be enrolled in the training for PST in hotels-restaurants and tourism, holders of all sections of the General Certificate Education (A level), particularly sections A, B, C, D, G1, G2, G3 or recognized equivalent. The training period is two (02) years.


      •  Admission in 1st year

        Are allowed to register in the 1st year, candidates holding at least a General Certificate Education (Advanced level) from commercial or technical series or any other equivalent degree (the act of equivalence must be produced).

    List of requested documents:

    • GCE (A level) Certificate or its equivalent ,
    • Transcript of GCE (A level),
    • Transcripts of classes from high school grade five to grade seven,
    • 2 passport photographs,
    • two stamped envelopes,
    • A completed application form,
    • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)

    File processing fees.

    Once accepted for admission, the applicant may proceed to the registration phase.
    The Bachelor’s training program in Operational Marketing lasts three years, alternating with periods of internship and supported field actions.

    • Admission to the 2nd year

    Are allowed to register for the second year ISST - BENIN students who regularly validated the 1st year in accordance with the Study Regulation.

    Students from other reliable Schools also have access to the 2nd year with validated results, the year prior to enrollment, a GCE (A level) + 1 in management. Admission to the latter is pronounced after file review and a written test consisting of the following subjects:
    § General Culture (1:30);
    § Economy (2:00);
    § Accounting (2:00);
    § Marketing (4:00).

    Only students whose files were selected are allowed to sit for the above written tests. Each test is marked over 20, students who have an average of at least 10/20 are allowed to register within the capacity of the institute.

    • Admission to the 3rd year

    Are allowed to register directly for the 3rd year on title, ISST - BENIN students with regular validated year 2 results.
    Also, are allowed to register for the 3rd year after file review, students holding a University Degree of Technology (UDT) or any other recognized equivalent and equal to grade BAC + 2 in Operational Marketing (equivalence act to be produced)